World Destruction Episode 10 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
There Are 108 Laws of Clockwork Robotics.
Episode Description:
Kyrie, Morte, and Taupy arrive in a town populated with clockwork robots. Kyrie and Morte, disguised as beastmen, are quickly recognized as humans, since the clockwork robots are programmed only to comply to beastmen. The Alligator Master, creator of the clockwork robots, demands to have the World Destruction Committee captured as well as to have the World Salvation Committee stalled from entrance. Kyre, Morte, and Taupy are soon surrounded by the robots, however Taupy was able to have control over one of the robots, known as Number 28. Nonetheless, the three are surrounded by the clockwork robots once again, forcing Taupy and Number 28 to run for safety while Kyrie and Morte surrender to be taken to the Alligator Master. The Alligator Master, knowing that they came for information about the Destruct Code, tells Kyrie and Morte that both humans and beastmen alike will be annihilated under the power of the Destruct Code. The Alligator Master then clamors for the Destruct Code, however Taupy had possession of it when they separated. Suddenly, Taupy and Number 28 arrive to save the two, however Rhi'a also arrives as she begins to recklessly use her handguns. She accidentally shots the detector, causing an electrical surge that grabs the Destruct Code into place. The Destruct Code reacts and displays a holographic image of a valley in the continent of winter snow. Kyrie, Morte, Taupy, and Number 28 flee, defeated several clockwork robots in the process. As the four are in an elevator shaft, the Alligator Master orders his clockwork robots to continue to attack them. In the end, after the four climb through the shaft, while being followed by the robots, Number 28 cuts the rope, sending it plummeting to the ground floor. As the three depart from the town, it was realized that Number 28 took possession of the Destruct Code in the elevator shaft. However, it reappears to give back the Destruct Code. It is requested by Taupy to return to the town, and the three start to head over to the continent of winter snow.

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