World Destruction Episode 12 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
There Are Two Kinds of Pasts.
Episode Description:
As the Alligator Master leaves, Morte becomes very frustrated. She then wakes Taupy from hibernation by tossing him across the mountain. Ironically, Taupy lands in front of a cave known as the Labyrinth of Memories. The three note the skeletons lying around in the cave, as they all died by natural causes. Morte has a hallucination of the events that led her to obtain the Destruct Code proceeding Reve's death. Kyrie flashes back to when he first applied at the restaurant he worked at before acquainting Morte. Taupy reminisces about a time in which he was with his friends, eating and drinking happily. Meanwhile, the Alligator Master tells the Eagle Master that both the World Destruction Committee and the Destruct Code were buried in the snowy valley, even though the Alligator Master now has possession of the Destruct Code. He also knows that the World Destruction Committee is within the Labyrinth of Memories. Morte has memories of when Reve decided to join the Golden Lions. She views more about her past to when she was younger with her family. Kyrie later flashes back to when Reve tells Agan to deliver a message to Morte, saying that she must wait for him as he is trying to change the world. Taupy reminisces about a time in which he was with his friends, eating and drinking happily. Kyrie also witness a subsequent battle of the World Salvation Committee, led by the Alligator Master, against the humans. Meanwhile, the Alligator Master looks into the Destruct Code and sees images of the past, noting that there is a red-haired Kyrie as well as a blond-haired one. Taupy eventually snaps out of his hallucination, and manage to snap Kyrie out of his. Both of them proceed to find Morte, who wants to relive her life with her family. She refuses to wake up out of the dream because she does not want to face reality. However, she is convinced to stop hiding from the future by living in the past. The labyrinth begins to collapse, and Kyrie, carrying Morte on his back, as well as Taupy, exit the labyrinth. As Morte wakes up, the Eagle Master appears, asking for them to hand over the Destruct Code to him.

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