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Episode Title:
Wreck-It Ralph.
Episode Description:
When Litwak's Family Fun Center & Arcade closes at night, the various video game characters leave their normal in-game roles and are free to travel to other games. Wreck-It Ralph, the antagonist of the game Fix-It Felix Jr., is ostracized by his game's characters for just doing his job, while the titular hero Felix is praised. Tired of being mistreated, Ralph announces at the game's thirtieth anniversary party that he will earn his neighbors' respect by winning a medal. Ralph learns he can obtain a medal from the first-person shooter, Hero's Duty. After disrupting a game session, Ralph scales the game's central beacon and obtains a medal, only to hatch a Cy-Bug, one of the game's antagonists, which can adapt to and devour other environments. Ralph and the Cy-Bug stumble into an escape pod, which is launched out of the game, and crash land in Sugar Rush, a candy-themed kart racing game. Meanwhile, with Ralph missing, his game is labelled as malfunctioning and faces being unplugged. Felix, upon learning where Ralph went from Q*Bert, ventures to Hero's Duty, teaming up with the game's heroine, Sergeant Calhoun, to retrieve Ralph and the Cy-Bug. In Sugar Rush, Ralph's medal is stolen by the glitching Vanellope Von Schweetz to buy her way into the daily races to determine who players can choose as their avatar. King Candy, the ruler of Sugar Rush, forbids her from doing so due to her being a glitch. Ralph and Vanellope agree to work together by building a race kart for Vanellope to win a race and retrieve the medal. Ralph and Vanellope build a kart, and they flee to Diet Cola Mountain, an unfinished race track. Learning that Vanellope cannot drive, Ralph helps teach her. King Candy hacks the game's code, obtaining Ralph's medal, which he offers to him in exchange for preventing Vanellope from racing. He explains that if Vanellope wins and becomes playable, her glitches would be brought to the attention of players, their game would be unplugged and Vanellope would die, unable to leave the game because she is a glitch. A reluctant Ralph agrees, trashing Vanellope's kart. He returns to his own game, but notices Vanellope's image on the side of the Sugar Rush cabinet, and realizes she was meant to be a playable character...

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