Zoids Chaotic Century Episode 21 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
The Charged Particle Gun.
Episode Description:
Raven starts to rush after Rosso and enters a punk guys territory called Brad. Raven being the nicest I have ever seen him, gets mocked by Brad. Then Raven takes Brad out and crushes his Dark Horn. Later Van and the rest were talking about how it was a waste of time, and Irvine brings up a good point about how Fiona remembered something called Death Saurer. Van kicks a rock in the bush and finds a boy named Rudolph. Rosso and Viola can not find Rudolph anywhere and went searching for him. Moonbay tries to swindle Rudolph out of his Imperial Ring but Van cancels that transaction. While at the Imperial Palace, Prozen gives a magnificent speech on how, if Prince Rudolph does not return before the funeral of the late emperor Zepplin, he would take office. A very fast zoid attacks through the cover of the forest, Viola goes to check it out and it turns out it's Raven in a Geno Saurer (purple/dark purple/black). Rosso was coming to but he'd be a little late. Rudolph was just leaving and was stopped when Fiona creeped everyone out with her little forewarning. Raven shows up and launches his Charged Particle Cannon at Viola and launches another one between the Command Wolf and Shield Liger knocking them down. Raven attacks Van and Irvine, but it proves too much for our young heroes. His zoid is much stronger than any of theirs. The Shield Liger's ultimate move had no effect against the Charged Particle Cannon. Rosso and Viola show up in the Iron Kong and try to hold off Raven so that Van could escape. Raven destroys the Iron Kong and then stops his pursuit of Van and Rudolph. He said it would be more challenging if he gave them a head start.

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