Zoids Chaotic Century Episode 5 English Dubbed


Watch Zoids Chaotic Century Episode 5 English version online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter Zoids Chaotic Century Episode 5 English dubbed Sleeper Trap fter saving the village from the Desert Alka-Velto Gang, the Shield Liger had some pretty serious damage. Van almost has a heart-attack when he finds out that Fiona ate his Papaya. A little while after that, they meet a sassy girl called Moonbay. She checks out his Shield Liger and sees that the front-back leg had some missile damage on it. They talked until a couple of sleeper Guysacks attacked them. With Moonbay's Gustav weighted down by all the heavy load, she couldn't put any weapons on it. Just then Irvine comes and saves the day, by destroying all of the Guysacks except for one that managed to slip by and cause him some damage.

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