Amphibia Season 2 Episode 14 -The First Temple


Watch full Amphibia Season 2 Episode 14 full HD online. Cartoon video Amphibia Episode 34 online for free in HD.Marcy arrives to pick up the family for the first temple trip. The temple gives those who enter three trials to challenge their intellect, which Marcy has while being oblivious to her surroundings. They pass the first two trials, but the third proves to be difficult, because it's a game of flip-wart where the family becomes game pieces with the Plantars as Marcy's and Anne as the temple's. During the game, Anne and Hop Pop have a falling out about Hop Pop hiding the Calamity Box. Hop Pop wants Anne to not be angry with him and asks what does he have to do, to which Anne tells him that she wants to move on but needs time to do so, which Hop Pop agrees. Marcy seeing the situation, forfeits the game and gets the family out, at the cost of going through the temple again. Green arrows appear to lead them out, but are actually leading them to the outhouse, where they can recharge the first stone after Marcy proved herself to have humility. The stone gets recharged, as the green color is drained from Marcy's eyes, and is leading them to the next temple. Meanwhile at Newtopia, Andrias receives a message from Marcy about her progress, cutting his meeting with Yunan short and heading to the basement. There he tells his master, a multi-eyed monster, that the prophecy is being undone and they'll soon have their vengeance.

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