Amphibia Season 2 Episode 15 - New Wartwood/Friend or Frobo?


Watch full Amphibia Season 2 Episode 15 full HD online. Cartoon video Amphibia Episode 35 online for free in HD."New Wartwood": Marcy is excited to meet the people of Wartwood, but they don't like her as much. So to get them to accept her, Marcy and Anne fix up the town with improvements. This catches Mayor Toadstool's eye and he offers her a chance to renovate Wartwood as a tourist attraction. Anne advices against it, but Marcy goes along with it. The now renovated town then starts to sink into the swamp it was built on due to the weight of the new additions. Marcy and Anne then use Joe Sparrow to remove them and the town is saved. Marcy apologizes for the destruction. Still mad, the townspeople accept it and let her know that they're starting to like her. Marcy then begins to fix the town without going overboard. "Friend or Frobo?": Polly wants to have fun, but Anne and Sprig feel a little more mature and chose to stay in the wagon. After getting the two in trouble, Polly leaves to do fun activities only to find them not as fun as she hoped. She then meets the robot, and was at first afraid of it but soon finds that it's friendly. Calling it Frobo, Polly plays with it while also causing destruction. After Frobo destroys the fountain, the townsfolk form an angry mob to destroy it. Polly tries to stop them only to get hurt which angers Frobo. Frobo attacks, but Polly stops him and tells the town that she'll take responsibility for Frobo's actions. Frobo is then accepted and is welcomed into the family.

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