Amphibia Season 2 Episode 18 - Bessie & MicroAngelo


Watch full Amphibia Season 2 Episode 18 full HD online. Cartoon video Amphibia Episode 38 online for free in HD. "Bessie & MicroAngelo": As the family and Marcy get ready for the final temple, with Anne getting a new set of armor by the Newtopian armorer Bernardo (Thomas Middleditch), Hop Pop has Bessie to watch over MicroAngelo. Bessie tries her best to watch over him, but MicroAngelo keeps getting himself into trouble, which then led up to Bessie unintentionally destroying the preparations and Hop Pop having to chain her in the barn. After Sprig sets off the fire-launcher from Anne's gauntlets, a trail of fire makes it's way to Polly's box of boomsrooms. MicroAngelo sees this and gets Bessie to help. She gives him a bucket of water to put out the fire but he gets captured by a giant bat-like creature. Bessie, being determined to save her family, saves MicroAngelo and has him put out the fire, making the group impressed by her heroic actions. Anne finally gets a new look, with it being just a chest plate. Feeling content with how she looks, Sprig, Marcy and Bernardo approve Anne's decision. Bessie and MicroAngelo then head to the barn after a long day. "The Third Temple": The group makes it to the temple, and at first are finding it difficult to go through. But Sasha and Grime show up to help them. While Marcy is happy to see her, the family finds it difficult to trust Sasha after the events of Toad Tower. They make it to the final stage, which is to fight a rock monster while being weighted down a gravitational pull. Sasha is able to beat the monster, due to her perseverance, and the third stone is recharged. Marcy suggests that they wait tell they get to Newtopia to open the "semi" charged Calamity Box, and everyone agrees with Anne and Sasha reconciling. Sasha's change of heart turns out to be an act, as she and Grime still plan on invading Newtopia, but Sasha shows signs of guilt of what will happen to Anne and Marcy if she follows through with her plans.

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