Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 15 English Dubbed


Watch full Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 15 English Dubbed full HD online. Attack on Titan Episode 74 English Dubbed online for free in HD. The badly wounded Zeke Jaeger remembers his life. As a child, Zeke was treated harshly by his parents Grisha Jaeger and Dina Fritz, especially when he fell behind in his Warrior training. In addition, he also experienced the Marleyans' attitudes towards Eldians. They saw him as a tool in their plans to restore Eldian society and overthrow Marley. One day, Zeke encountered Tom Ksaver who was the current owner of the Beast Titan and over the years, they developed a father-son relationship while playing catch and sharing information. When Zeke learned that his parents were Restorationists, he turned them over to the police at the urging of Ksaver and to save himself from being turned into a Pure Titan on Paradis. Later, Ksaver told Zeke that his Titan research revealed that the Founding Titan is able to manipulate the body structure of Eldians, the Subjects of Ymir. Together, Zeke and Ksaver resolved to "save" the Eldian people from further persecution by sterilizing them through the power of the Founding Titan. Later on, Ksaver revealed how to get around Karl Fritz's vow of renouncing war using a Titan of royal blood and an individual who possesses the Founder, but warned Zeke that he would not be able to use its power for himself. He told Zeke to think of himself as a key, and to find someone he would trust with the Founder. As Ksaver neared the end of his life, Zeke inherited the Beast Titan from him. Reuniting with Reiner and Bertholdt on Paradis before the battle to retake Wall Maria, he learned from them that Eren Jaeger possessed the Founder. He deduced that Grisha Jaeger had managed to avoid getting turned into a Titan, and that his father had done the same thing to Eren that he had done to him, so Zeke made a promise to rescue Eren from the influence of Grisha's will and memories. While Eren was in the hospital in Liberio, Zeke convinced him to cooperate with his plan for mass Eldian euthanasia. As Zeke finishes remembering his past, his mumbling is heard by Levi who turns his attention to Zeke. Preparing to cut his legs once again, Zeke ignites the Thunder Spear impaled in his body, setting off an explosion in which Levi is thrown clear.

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