Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16 English Dubbed


Watch full Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16 English Dubbed full HD online. Attack on Titan Episode 75 English Dubbed online for free in HD. Hange and Floch's group hear the explosion of the Thunder Spear and decide to investigate. Meanwhile, a female Pure Titan approaches the dying Zeke, tears open her abdomen and places him inside. Yelena and the Volunteers hold the Paradis government hostage with the threat of them being turned into Titans as most of them have drunk the wine that was spiked with Zeke's spinal fluid. She then explains Zeke and Eren's euthanasia plan to the imprisoned Survey Corps members: a widespread Eldian sterilization to prevent the births of any more Subjects of Ymir until the death of Historia's child, after which humanity will be free from the threat of Titans. In the meantime, they will use the threat of the Rumbling to prevent interference on Paradis from other nations. Eren meets with Gabi, ordering her to cooperate with him, but is interrupted by Pieck who surprisingly offers to join the Jaegerists. She states that the Marleyans must be punished for their poor treatment of the Eldian people and agrees to sell out her compatriots. However, once on the rooftop, Pieck's ruse is revealed as Galliard's Jaw Titan emerges from below and attempts to eat Eren. To save himself, Eren transforms into the Attack Titan, revealing his location to a group of approaching Marleyan airships. General Theo Magath orders his men to commence the revenge assault for Liberio, with Eren expecting to clash against Reiner once more.

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