Clifford the Big Red Dog (2020) Episode 6 -The Little Red Dream/The Mail Mix Up


Watch full Clifford the Big Red Dog (2020) Episode 6 online full HD online. Cartoon video Clifford the Big Red Dog (2020) Episode 6 online for free in HD. "The Little Red Dream": When Emily Elizabeth accidentally drops a book from a stack she is carrying, Clifford tries to help her pick it up, but his big size only ends up creating a big mess that leaves the main street covered in paint and with a fishing boat parked outside the Seashell. While Emily Elizabeth tries to cheer up her big red friend by reading "Gulliver's Travels", Clifford falls asleep and dreams he is a small red dog. In the dream, Clifford enjoys being small, but when Emily Elizabeth gets stuck up a tree, Clifford will have to find a use for his new size to save his best friend. "The Mail Mix Up": Miss Clayton is holding a welcome party for Birdwell Island's new mailman, but the organization for the party has left her no time to send out the party invitations. In order to help Miss Clayton and inspired by her story about the famous Pony Express, Emily Elizabeth and Clifford, along with Bailey and Tucker, deliver the invitations as the "Puppy Express". The only snag they encounter in their deliveries is an invitation that's addressed to a man neither has met before by the name of Mr. Bassu, but just as the party time gets closer, Emily Elizabeth and her canine friends soon realize that the Mr. Bassu has been staring them in the face all throughout their "Puppy Express" run. Willa moment: Willa, the mouse, and the seagull are having fun building a sandcastle down at the beach, but when the tide washes it away, the three friends decide to build a new one and find a way to prevent the tide from washing it away too.

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