Clifford the Big Red Dog (2020) Episode 7 -Coming Soon!/Fire Dog Tucker


Watch full Clifford the Big Red Dog (2020) Episode 7 online full HD online. Cartoon video Clifford the Big Red Dog (2020) Episode 7 online for free in HD. "Coming Soon!": After Pablo shares the latest issue of his favorite comic book with his friends, he is over the moon when Mr. Howard tells them that the author is visiting. The mood turns sour when the librarian explains that the ferry broke down, forcing a cancellation. Feeling sorry for their friend, Emily Elizabeth comes up with the idea of putting on a play to cheer Pablo up. When the play hits a snag, only one friend can save the show...and receive praise from an unexpected visitor. "Fire Dog Tucker": Tucker is ready to take his Fire Dog Test and Emily Elizabeth and Clifford are ready to help their friend pass in any way he can. For every part of the test, however, Tucker gets scared easily and hides in the Fire Chief's fire pants. Emily Elizabeth helps cheer up Tucker with a history lesson about dalmatians and their roles as fire dogs, but when Willa gets trapped in a cave and the fire truck gets a puncture, it's up to Tucker to face his fears to save the day. Willa moment: Willa and the frog are having fun playing with a balloon, until it gets stuck in a lamp on a high crate. When neither of them can reach the balloon, it takes the help of one more friend to rescue their game.

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