Dreamland (Doctor Who) Episode 1 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Episode 1.
Episode Description:
13 June 1947: a spaceship, trying to escape from two others, is shot down and crashes on Earth near Roswell, New Mexico. Eleven years later in Dry Springs, Nevada, The TARDIS materialises at a diner, and the Doctor meets Cassie Rice and Native American Jimmy Stalkingwolf. He uses his sonic screwdriver to investigate an alien artifact. Detecting that the artifact has been activated, two Men in Black arrive demanding the artifact in question. The Doctor and the others escape, to investigate Jimmy's "space monster". The monster turns out to be a Viperox battle-drone and is destroyed by a rocket from a USAF helicopter which arrives on the scene. The soldiers take them to Area 51 (aka Dreamland). In Dreamland, Colonel Stark locks them in a cell with a gas that will wipe their memories. The Doctor manages to break free, stop the gas, and escapes with Cassie and Jimmy via a ventilation shaft. The alarm sounds and they run into a lab where they find a captured grey alien. After fleeing pursuing guards in a lift they are recaptured at the top of the lift shaft. Colonel Stark is revealed to be working with a Viperox leader named Lord Azlok.

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