Elfen Lied Episode 11 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
Complication ~ Vermischung.
Episode Description:
Mariko is revealed to be the identity of No. 35. A monstrous diclonius, she instinctively kills any human she sees. She has 26 vectors and a range of 11 meters. Lucy has 4 vectors and a range of 2 meters. Under supervision from staff at the facility, she is released as a last effort to retrieve Lucy. Once free, she begins to slaughter the staff, but stops when a bomb in her arm is detonated. Since other bombs remain in parts of her body (Kazukawa's condition to letting Kurama's daughter stay alive), she is forced to agree to work with the staff. Nana senses Mariko's presence and her desire to kill her through their ability to locate each other. Mariko and Nana meet on a bridge on the shore and battle. Kurama, who supposedly "had to leave", has joined Bando to kill Lucy without the knowledge of Shirakawa and the staff.

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