Elfen Lied Episode 12 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
Quagmire ~ Taumeln.
Episode Description:
The past which Kohta had tried to forget eight years ago comes back to him as he remembers Lucy took revenge on Kohta's lie about the gender of his cousin by killing Kohta's father and his sister Kanae. As Shirakawa dispatches Mariko to kill Lucy, Bando is paid by Kurama to kill her as well. Mariko is about to kill Nana (as well as Kohta and Lucy), until Nana uses her vectors to deactivate Mariko's and falls off the bridge, as Mariko's vectors fail and she is taken away. Shirakawa discovers Lucy's Nyu personality and identifies her as the target diclonius, only to be killed by Lucy along with the security forces enlisted to guard against Mariko. Bando arrives to kill Mariko, only to see Lucy and go after her instead.

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