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Episode Title:
Halo Effect.
Episode Description:
The Prime Minister election will be held in one week and Sugayama holds a huge lead in the polls. After using his powers to read the minds of people, Gelsadra announces that his first meaasure should he become elected will be to abolish the CROWDS system, and despite having not fully recovered, Rui summons the others and confronts Gelsadra about it. Gelsadra then claims that he intends to bring down the CROWDS system just because it's the people's will and Joe agrees with him, deciding to support his campaign. Thanks to Joe's successful planning and a few mistakes coming from Sugayama's part which were exaggerated by the media, Gelsadra rises in the polls during the next days, leaving much doubts about who among them will win the election. As the election day approaches, Hajime approaches Joe and points out that he is helping Gelsadra against his will, and he answers that despite not being against the CROWDS system, he does not want another incident like the battle at Shibuya happen again, as during that time, not only dozens of people got hurt, but Rui almost got himself killed as well. The day of the election comes, and Hajime invites Rui to pay a visit to Rizumu in the prison, as they still has not finished their conversation yet. In the occasion, Rizumu reveals that his intentions were to show how the power of CROWDS could destroy the world should the masses follow the wrong lead. As they discuss, it is announced that Gelsadra was chosen as the new Prime Minister, and Rizumu, claiming that he had already expected that, affirms that the election ended with the worst possible scenario.

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