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Taking command as the new Prime Minister of Japan, Gelsadra works flawlessly to increase the government's efficiency while walking among the population like a normal citizen and getting along with them, always accompanied by Tsubasa, who is still having troubles to properly transform into a Gatchaman. However, while paying a visit to her home in Nijima, Tsubasa has a heated discussion with her great-grandfather, who claims that her and Gelsadra's belief of attaining peace by having all of mankind thinking the same way is wrong. Upon returning, Gelsadra announces that all of Japan's cabinet will be solely composed of himself and the Diet will be reassigned to other functions, promising to resign should the people vote against his decisions. After the population gives their approval, Gelsadra is asked by Hajime about what his true feelings, as no one sees the bubbles that appears on the top of everybody else's heads over his when he uses his powers. He then asks her in return if she really did not change at all upon sealing Berg Katze inside her body. Soon after, Gelsadra holds another election to decide if the CROWDS system should be revoked, and despite Rui making a speech on its favor, Rizumu is later informed on prison that the population voted for its abolition.

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