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Following the abolition of the CROWDS system, the Japanese society keeps improving towards peace thanks to Gelsadra's government, while Gelsadra himself starts felling ill, when the Gatchamen are summoned by J.J., who warns them of a "Red Angel" and "Gentle Beasts with many names". The members of the team then discuss if said angel could be Gelsadra and they ask Tsubasa to watch over him in their place. However, Gelsadra's condition worsens and he confesses to Tsubasa that it is because despite all his efforts, mankind still refuses to think as one, as in none of the votings, a decision was reached by a unanimous opinion. After some encouragement from hers, Gelsadra has the idea of changing the structure of the votings, including along the usually the "Yes" and "No" options, a third option of just leaving everything to him. The plan works, and from then on, all votings end with almost 100% of the voters following the third option. However, certain that such measure would have mankind lose their ability to decide for themselves, Rui urges Gelsadra to reconsider, but Tsubasa refuses to listen to him, and realizing that Hajime and the others agree with Rui as well, she resigns as a Gatchaman and returns her NOTE. As Tsubasa leaves with Gelsadra, Berg Katze confesses that there is nothing they can do to stop him as even he once was forced to flee instead of fight him, much to everybody's shock. Rui then pays a visit to Rizumu asking for help, and despite refusing to cooperate, he lets slip a piece of advice for him. Meanwhile, the balloons swallowed by Gelsadra start slipping from his body, and some strange creatures appear from them before the population.

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