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Episode Title:
Up Next Is Anzio!.
Episode Description:
Miho, Hana and Yukari join Saori and Mako in visiting Hisako in the hospital, and are relieved to see that she is fine and back to her feisty self. On their way back home, Saori tells Miho how Mako's parents died when she was little and how Hisako raised Mako on her own. Meeting up for lunch the next day, Yukari brings up the previous year's tankery finals match, where Pravda High School broke the nine-year winning streak of Kuromorimine Girls High School because of Miho's decision to abandon her command of the Kuromorimine flag tank in order to rescue some teammates in distress. Realizing that the incident was the cause of Miho's eventual dislike of tankery, Yukari assures Miho that her decision to put the safety of her teammates above winning a match was the right thing to do. As Ooarai prepares for its match against Anzio High School, Miho begins to find herself overwhelmed by her responsibilities. Her friends help her out by dividing Miho's workload among themselves. In the meantime, the other teams search for additional tanks to supplement their forces, and eventually find a Renault B1 Bis, a long-barreled 75mm anti-tank cannon for the Panzer IV, and a Porsche Tiger tank. Although not all their finds can be readied for use in the upcoming match, Ooarai still manages to beat Anzio and move on to the next round.

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