Girls und Panzer Episode 8 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
We're Fighting Pravda!.
Episode Description:
The Public Morals Committee, headed by Midoriko Sono, takes charge of operating the Renault tank and becomes the Mallard Team. Later, Miho is invited by the Student Council to have nabemono with them, though they hesitate to explain their real motive for inviting her. Meanwhile, at the Nishizumi estate, Maho learns that Miho is to be disinherited by their mother, Shiho Nishizumi, after Ooarai's match against Pravda. On the day of the match, Miho, aware that Katyusha, Pravda's overall commander, has the penchant for staging ambushes, proposes a cautious strategy for engaging the Pravda forces. However, Miho is overruled by the rest of the pumped-up Ooarai teams, who unanimously vote to go on the offensive. As the match progresses, early successes cause Ooarai to become overconfident, and they are quickly drawn into a trap. Completely surrounded, Ooarai take refuge in an abandoned church, where they are given three hours to surrender. As Miho and the other tankery members consider surrender, the Student Council reveals that if they lose, the school will be closed down.

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