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Episode Title:
I'll Defend Even the Water Striders!.
Episode Description:
This episode begins from the perspective of Yuriko Ōzora, where she dreamt of a scene from her childhood, where she learns from her "father" that her mother was an alien. She is told that from then on, she has to live her life as an alien. Meanwhile, a bored Kagome is holding the class's physical education period where they must run a lap around the track. As expected, Mao-chan ends up being passed by everyone. Afterwards, the girls are approached by Yuriko, who wants to take their picture, explaining that she's a big fan of theirs. Mao and Misora see no problem in that, but Sylvia is hesitant because every picture of her makes her look ditzy due to her mouth always hanging open. Assured from Mao that's always what she looks like, Sylvia agrees to take the shot. Right before the picture's taken, Sylvia quickly fires off a long equation (5 + 4 + 2 + 7 + 12 + 18 - 46) that confuses Mao and Misora, resulting in the girls' photo to display Mao and Misora with confused looks on their faces while Sylvia smiles and displays the "victory" sign with her fingers (which happens to be the answer to the math equation: 2). Later, Chinami berates Yuriko for making friends with the girls, especially since they're supposed to be alien spies. Chinami begins to wonder how the girls are able to bring out the power of Kusanagi. She also releases a small, cute, white mouse alien, Jirocho, to transfer the picture and data of the girls back to the alien's homebase. Mao, Misora and Sylvia finish their cleaning assignment of sweeping leaves when they suddenly notice a cat that's cornered Jirocho against a tree. The girls panic and Mao calls Ground Defense headquarters for permission to summon her Type-2 Ground Gear to defend the helpless mouse. Rikushiro is at the headquarters and gives Mao permission for "special training".

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