Ground Defense Force! Mao-chan Episode 8 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Project "Defense Barrier!".
Episode Description:
The episode begins with Mao-chan training to summon the Light of Kusanagi at will. Mao is unable to wield it properly and the energy blast becomes unstable, firing randomly. However, Sylvia is able to fire with 98% accuracy. Yuriko and Chinami are secretly watching the girls' training and Chinami reveals that the aliens are almost ready to attack. Meanwhile, Kagome is presenting Rikushiro the Defense Forces' new project: the "United Defense Barrier." (The same move that the girls attempted in the first episode.) Surrounding the alien in a triangular formation, the girls would summon the Light of Kusanagi and restrain the alien within its boundaries. The plan finds resistance from all three Chiefs of Staff who'd rather have their own granddaughters defend individually. A new alien capsule is detected, but the size is larger than any of its predecessors. The girls are deployed, persuading their grandfathers to reconsider using the Defense Barrier. They are ready to defend... ...when it's found that the orbit of the capsule was misjudged and passed straight by the Earth. The girls are stunned at first, but quickly celebrate another successful defense. The episode ends with Emperor Galactica saying "Mistake."

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