Hanamaru Youchien Episode 8 English Subbed


Watch full Hanamaru Youchien Episode 8 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Hanamaru Youchien Episode 8 English sub streaming online. A Hanamaru Fishmonger / A Hanamaru Rival. Summer vacation is over, and everyone in class told what they did during summer vacation. Aoi, one of the students, tells the rest of the class about her parents' work as fishmongers. Anzu, Koume, and Hiiragi went to Aoi's store and persuaded Aoi's dad to let them help. Aoi soon joined them after some persuasion from Anzu, Koume and Hiiragi. Days later, Tsuchida helps a little girl after the thong of her Zōri broke. The girl, named Hinagiku, turned out to be the daughter of the head of a Yakuza clan. The next day, Hinagiku came to Hanamaru Kindergarten and suddenly made a marriage proposal to Tsuchida, and soon transferred to Hanamaru. Hinagiku claims that she loves Tsuchida, so Tsuchida decided to make her dislike him, but failed. Anzu hears of this, earning for herself another rival.

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