Hanamaru Youchien Episode 9 English Subbed


Watch full Hanamaru Youchien Episode 9 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Hanamaru Youchien Episode 9 English sub streaming online. A Hanamaru Gift / A Hanamaru Dream / A Hanamaru Night. With the editor sick, Mayumi Yamamoto went to get Hanamaru's transcript for the next episode of "Panda-Cat." However, Hanamaru seems to be in a slump, so he asked for some more time to finish it. Mayumi returned to the publishing office, but had to return when she forgot to give Hanamaru her gift of cakes. As Hanamaru went to the park to take a break, Anzu, Hiiragi, and Koume were playing nearby, and saw the depressed manga artist. They tried giving him advice on how to confess to Mayumi, basing on how Tsuchida-sensei is dealing with Yamamoto-sensei. Eventually they cheer him and Mayumi up with a performance of the Panda-Cat Exercise. Meanwhile, Mayumi has no idea Hanamaru's slump is because of him thinking about her. Much later, Mayumi meets her sister, who has just gone shopping with Tsuchida-sensei for things they are to use at kindergarten. There Mayumi noticed that Tsuchida-sensei likes her sister. Mayumi inadvertently took her sister away, canceling that dinner Nanako was planning for him, for a favor. That favor was to obtain Panda-Cat-related things in order to help Hanamaru become inspired to finish the manga he is working on. That night, Nana was really planning to make it up to Tsuchida-sensei, not because she understands that he likes to have dinner with her, but because she thought he was hungry that time (as Mayumi surmised). Meanwhile, Nanako thinks that invitation to see a movie was because Hanamaru likes Mayumi. Meanwhile, Sakura Class were working on drawings that talk about their ambition in life. Toshiaki wants to become a soccer player when he grows up; Anzu wants to marry Tsuchida and Hiiragi wants to become an astronaut and space adventurer (which was considered to be realistic). Koume, on the other hand, cannot choose what she wants to become--whether to be a bride, a baker, a florist, or a toy-store employee. Which brings them to the topic of why Tsuchida-sensei became a teacher. The topic caught on with the Hanamaru teachers, and it was revealed that they have their own (albeit personal) reasons. That afternoon, Kusano-sensei invited Tsuchida-sensei over to her apartment for a sleepover. There Kusano-sensei showed Tsuchida-sensei her interests: watching movies with macho men.

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