Hundred Episode 4 English Dubbed


Watch full Hundred Episode 2 English Dubbed streaming online. Hundred Episode 2 English dub online for free in HD. Bodyguard The popular singer Sakura Kirishima is looking for a bodyguard and Claire recommends Hayato. As there are more Savages still lurking on Zwei Islands, where Sakura is having her numerous concerts, Hayato has to go to her concert to take care of her. Liddy then brings him to the airport to meet her. Before that, Karen has requested that he bring her Sakura's autograph, and Hayato is determined not to let her down. Sakura proves to be different from what he expected as she falls in love with him and starts chattering about a wedding with all the details planned. Awkward as usual, poor Hayato can do nothing but listen. Later, when Sakura goes to the bath and then requests Hayato bring in her PDA to record a good tune, he is reminded strongly of Karen, how she used to sing in the bath and how she left her clothes all over the place. After the bath, Sakura handles all her autograph signings, her fan meetings and numerous other events, impressing Hayato. Later on, she also shows him her Hundred, in which she takes the form of something like a fairy. After a long day, Hayto receives a phone call from Claire, telling him to come to her summer house tomorrow morning. He then later go to the public baths to bathe, where he invites Emilia out for a trip at Zwei Islands, however, accidentally gropes her and she leaves angrily. Meanwhile, three people with glowing yellow eyes are seen to be hanging around the Zwei Islands, planning something after Sakura's concert.

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