Hundred Episode 5 English Dubbed


Watch full Hundred Episode 5 English Dubbed streaming online. Hundred Episode 5 English dub online for free in HD. Imitation Girl At her messy hotel room, Sakura thinks about her past with her mother and her words of wisdom: Music has the power to make people feel happy. Meanwhile, Hayato goes to Claire's summer house as requested, where he spots the Claire, Liddy and Erica all wearing swimsuits, causing him to blush furiously. When Claire stands up, Erica had taken off her bra to help her apply sunscreen lotion, causing a wildly embarrassing scene. Liddy, defensive as always, leaps from the pool towards Hayato, but slips and falls on him instead. This squabble all ends when Chris comes to bring Claire a cool drink, and is appalled by the scene. After all the commotion, Claire finally gets to the matter at hand and explains to Hayato that a variable stone that Sakura was going to use in her concert was stolen amid the chaos that erupted when the three Savages appeared on Zwei Islands, telling him to be even more cautious in guarding Sakura. Sha also proposes a swimming contest, but Hayato denies. After Claire's meeting, he goes to Central to meet Emilia for her date, but it is interrupted by a phone call from Claire, telling him that Sakura has disappeared from her hotel room. However, when Emilia went to buy drinks, he stumbles upon Sakura, who takes him to a 'special place'. Forced to do work, Hayato texts Emilia about the situation. It turns out Sakura brought him to the Grand Canyon, a special place in her heart that Hayato protected, and she wanted to thank him. Later, she finds out that when she lost her mother and begin singing, the sibling pair she met and praised her singing was actually Karen and Hayato, changing her life. Moved to tears, she repeatedly thanks Hayato and explains her past to him. She came down with a mysterious illness and was sold by her father to the Warslarn Research Facility, where Vitaly Tynyanov injected the children there, including Sakura, with a vaccine made from Savage fluids. It cured Sakura alright, but they continued doing it, no matter the side effects. There, Sakura sang to calm the children down. One by one, all of them died, leaving Sakura, who was rescued by Souffle and Charlotte. However, even though she has a Hundred, Sakura is unable to fight Savages. As evening approaches, Sakura and Hayato get on a bus to go back to Central. On the way, the bus is struck down by a Trenton-class Savage. As it raises its deadly claw, Sakura and Hayato are right in the way.

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