Kikoushi Enma OVA Episode 3 English Subbed


Watch full Kikoushi Enma OVA Episode 3 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Kikoushi Enma OVA Episode 3 English sub streaming online. Karuma: Misery Swirling Demon. The mother of young girl, Sachiko, and friend of Kapaeru, is possessed by a demon. She kills her husband and threatens Sachiko who is saved at the last moment by Enma and Kapaeru. Meanwhile, a demon painfully exits Yukihime and Grandpa Chapeauji tells Enma that a demon that they thought had been destroyed was still alive. Kapaeru and Sachiko are attacked and left for dead. A young girl enters an abandoned apartment block and is confronted by a series of strange events. Guided by a woman in white kimono, two lost hikers, Buddha Daiko and Ayukawa Ayu come across a mansion where they meet a teacher Yoshinaga but together cannot find the exit which has disappeared. They then meet Inspector Abashiri and Yuri Benten, a journalist, also trapped in the building. The see a strange painting of 5 figures and another figure partly visible. They explore the mansion which seems to consist of endless corridors and windowless rooms. Ayu becomes separated and is haunted by the vision of a piano teacher she injured in the past and who later committed suicide.

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