Last Exile Episode 18 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Promotion Sophia.
Episode Description:
Sophia arrives at Norkia to parley with Nestor and reveals to him a copy of the peace offer lost in the Grand Stream ten years earlier. As a gesture of goodwill, Disith supplies Anatoray with a map of the Grand Stream's air currents and a recording of the acoustic signature of Exile. Mullin decides to rejoin the musketeer squad and meets Dunya. They are informed that the capture attempt of Claudia Units[Note 1] will occur on the Guild's Covenant Day, when 17-year-old youths pledge their allegiance to Delphine. Before the Silvana leaves dock, Claus, Lavie and Alvis say goodbye to Mullin. The formal alliance between Anatoray and Disith is signed at Sophia's coronation as the Empress. Claus, Tatiana, Dio and Lucciola arrive ahead of the Silvana to send congratulations, but Delphine's ship appears from the clouds above and rains down rose petals as a declaration of war. Realizing that he has been found by his sister, Dio panics and flies his vanship erratically. When Alexander sees Delphine's ship above the site of the coronation ceremony, he immediately orders that it be destroyed, but second officer Arthur Campbell refuses to comply for fear of killing Sophia.

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