Love Stage!! Episode 6 English Subbed


Watch full Love Stage!! Episode 6 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Love Stage!! Episode 6 English sub streaming online. What Kind of Test Is That?. Ryōma has been called to an emergency meeting with the company president, who reveals photos of Ryōma and Izumi taken by paparazzi. Uncertain whether to reveal Izumi is male, Ryōma calls Rei who devises a plan to divert attention away from a possible scandal by having Izumi make his debut. Izumi rebels, as he already has his heart set on debuting as a manga artist. Rei makes a deal with him, that if Izumi's manga doesn't get a favorable review, then Izumi must make his debut in the film industry. Izumi agrees and confidently takes his manga to the agency. However the reviewer tells him he has no talent and depressed Izumi goes to Ryōma's house, asking him not to contact Rei. Izumi never wants to return home and tells Ryōma that he wants to stay at Ryōma's place. Ryōma reminds him that he's in love with Izumi and that he doesn't have that much self-control. Defeated Izumi invites him to have his way with him.

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