Love Stage!! Episode 7 English Subbed


Watch full Love Stage!! Episode 7 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Love Stage!! Episode 7 English sub streaming online. Could This Be.... Ryōma begins to take Izumi's invitation but stops when he notices Izumi crying. Upset at Izumi's disregard for his legitimate feelings for him, he leaves the room. But realizing the reason why Izumi is acting this way, he takes Izumi's manga to be reviewed by the author of the Lala-Lulu manga himself, Saotomi. Invigorated by Ryōma's and Saotomi's words, Izumi decides to go home, still with some fear of what Rei will say. Rei who has not slept since Izumi left, greets him joyfully before falling immediately to sleep. Ryōma kisses Izumi before going home.

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