Love Stage!! Episode 9 English Subbed


Watch full Love Stage!! Episode 9 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Love Stage!! Episode 9 English sub streaming online. Which Way Is Right?. Izumi has been in his room since the press conference. Rei catches Izumi buying Ryōma-paraphernalia online and realizes the cause. Izumi is unsure about his feelings. Ryōma on the other hand is worried about the extra competition with admirers now that Izumi has debuted. When he meets Izumi on the set of his show, he gets jealous of the attention Izumi gives his fans (Ryōma's co-workers) and pulls Izumi away. He then asks Izumi whether Izumi has feelings for him or if they are just texting buddies before collapsing due to exhaustion. Ryōma is admitted to the hospital and later released to rest at home. Izumi is caught again by Rei but this time has been buying yaoi manga. Izumi asks Rei about the details of sex with another man. Izumi leaves the house to meet up with his manga club, but is recognized when his glasses fall off. A mob of fans chase after him and Izumi hides out in a construction area. Meanwhile, Kuroi, from Izumi's manga club, saw him pass and runs after him. Izumi encounters some thugs harassing a man for money. The man escapes and the thug's attention turns to Izumi.

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