Love Stage!! Episode 8 English Subbed


Watch full Love Stage!! Episode 8 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Love Stage!! Episode 8 English sub streaming online. Love-Stage: Men's Style. Izumi has agreed to make a debut, which details his debut and the trivial matters behind it. He is having jitters about his press conference and is pressured by Rei about his agreement in debuting. Rei shows him different footage about what the family thinks of Izumi to help him be more confident, but in the end, Ryōma's message calms him down. He gets scared again after hair and make up and a kiss from Ryōma calms him down. At the press conference it is finally revealed that Izumi is actually a guy, with Shōgo making the official announcement of Izumi debuting and stating that Izumi is his brother.

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