Megas XLR Episode 212 – Rearview Mirror, Mirror Part 1


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Episode Title:
Rearview Mirror, Mirror Part 1.
Episode Description:
In the last days of the Earth War, Jamie and Kiva were busy shutting down the Glorft Core Destroyer, while Coop and the Glorft, led by Gorrath as usual, were fighting out. However, Coop and Gorrath get transported to a mirror dimension - because of a game-pad combo that activated the Trans-dimension Device - where Coop meets his alternate self, a futuristic, evil, and muscular warlord version of himself at that, having defeated the Glorft, abandoned Megas, formed an Empire, and keeps on destroying - no matter the location, time, dimension and enemy. He also sees that Kiva has turned cyborg as well and is evil Coop's sidekick. Alternate Jamie, on the other hand, has lost his cowardice forever and became strong enough to try and defeat evil Coop and his empire with his Resistance (and on a side note, Jamie and Kiva were dating in the future). Coop and Gorrath must work together this time to stop mirror Coop and prevent him from ever destroying Earth again. In an attempt to stop evil Coop from destroying their dimension, Coop and Gorrath, assisted by alternate Jamie, launch a desperate assault on the evil Coop.[...]

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