Megas XLR Episode 213 – Rearview Mirror, Mirror Part 2


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Episode Title:
Rearview Mirror, Mirror Part 2.
Episode Description:
[...] Tragically, Megas is (once again) critically damaged and Coop (in a suicide charge) gambles everything in attempting to stop the Evil Coop but only succeeds in getting his core critically damaged and causing Megas to finally be destroyed, but the protagonists suddenly realize that evil Coop 'abandoned' his Megas in favor of his more warlike mech. Then evil Coop and his massive Grunt army invades Coop's dimension, and both of them swiftly create a giant battlefield, starting the big but short Dimensional War. On the Evil side, is evil Coop in his Black and Red Warlord Mech with hundreds of mindless Grunt 'Mechs and evil Kiva in her separate EC Mech, while the Good side, contains Coop in evil Coop's MEGAS, Gorrath in his personal Mech, including his army of Glorft Grunt 'Mechs. After a long and devastating battle that reduced the evil Coop's army into mere junk, mirror Coop and mirror Kiva retreat into the Dimensional Gate to return to his dimension. As soon as the mirror leaders entered the Dimensional Gate, Coop orders alternate Jamie (Who remained in evil Coop's stronghold) to destroy the Gate, trapping Evil Coop and Evil Kiva stuck between worlds forever, never to cause annihilation of any dimension again. (In this case, it was a world filled with Lerps - elf-like creatures similar to The Smurfs, but they can breathe flowers and go angry when attacked). Meanwhile, Coop decides to test what new gadgets the evil Coop installed into Megas and destroys the city once more in the process.

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