One Punch Man Episode 4 English Dubbed


You are going to Watch One Punch Man Episode 4 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime One Punch Man Episode 4 Online English dub The Modern Ninja Hammerhead and his posse of bald villains, called the Paradisers, are sick of working and demand a welfare state. Ignored by pedestrians, Hammerhead decides to destroy the tower of Zeniru, the local business magnate, using modified suits that give the Paradisers super-strength. They destroy a building, only to find that it was the wrong one. Meanwhile, Saitama wakes from a strange dream and sees the Paradisers on the news. He figures the police will take care of them, but when the news report reveals that the Paradisers have bald heads, Saitama believes they stole his image and decides to defeat them. The scene cuts to Mumen Rider, a hero who bikes his way to stop the Paradisers. Hammerhead instantly defeats Mumen Rider and the bald villains proceed to Zeniru’s home, named the “Golden Turd” for the appearance of its roof. Zeniru sends the ninja Speed-o'-Sound Sonic to intercept the Paradisers. Sonic wipes the Paradisers in seconds, and launches a kunai in the back of Hammerhead’s skull. As Sonic turns to call Zeniru, Hammerhead escapes, thanking his thick skull for saving his life. Hammerhead runs into Saitama, who provokes Hammerhead to attack with his suit at full power. Saitama then destroys Hammerhead’s suit, and the villain flees naked. Sonic encounters Saitama, mistaking him for a Paradiser due to the latter's baldness. When Saitama introduces himself, Sonic says that he has never heard of him and attacks, but Saitama repels all of Sonic’s moves with ease. Eventually, one of Sonic’s attacks misses, resulting in the ninja landing crotch-first on Saitama’s fist. Quivering in agony, Sonic claims that he will fight Saitama again in the future. That night, Saitama sulks over his lack of recognition as a hero. Genos finds that Saitama is not listed in the Hero Registry. Genos agrees to take the Registry test with Saitama when the bald hero promises to make the cyborg his student. The scene shifts to Hammerhead, who appears to have been killed by the people from whom he stole the strength-enhancing suits, but has survived once again due to his thick skull. After the credits, Saitama and Genos line up at a Hero Testing Location.

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