One Punch Man Episode 5 English Dubbed


You are going to Watch One Punch Man Episode 5 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime One Punch Man Episode 5 Online English dub The Ultimate Master Before they can become registered heroes, Saitama and Genos must first pass a physical and written test in order to prove that they have what it takes. Saitama easily passes the physical exam, breaking all the existing records along with most of the equipment. However, he performs poorly on the written section, passing by a single point, while Genos gets perfect scores on both and is given a special S rank, with Saitama receiving a C rank. Saitama and Genos then listen to an A class presenter teach a class on being a hero, though the pair are clearly stronger than their instructor. The teacher becomes annoyed with Saitama for not paying attention and tries to teach him a lesson, only to embarrass himself. Later that day, Genos asks to spar with Saitama, having received new upgrades. Genos still does not believe Saitama's secret training strategy and thinks there must be some other secret that even Saitama himself might not know. Genos does not hold back in the spar while Saitama deftly avoids his attacks and maintains his nonchalant demeanor, despite Genos wanting Saitama to give it his all. Saitama finally relents and gets serious, ending the fight instantly without even touching Genos; the latter realizes that Saitama is on another level that even he cannot reach by simply training. While the two eat dinner afterwards, Amai Mask meets with Genos to deliver a welcome gift and a warning. After the credits, Genos moves in with Saitama, to the latter's chagrin.

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