Perfect Hair Forever Episode 3 - Cat Snatch Fever


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Episode Title:
Cat Snatch Fever.
Episode Description:
The third episode featured an opening theme song by the band Melt-Banana called "Hair-cat ('Cause the wolf is a cat!)". The Inappropriate Comedy Tree joins Gerald and Hot Dog on their quest. They were then accosted by a tornado. Uncle Grandfather watches in amusement from his roof. Upon going back inside, Rod suddenly appears before him and tells Uncle Grandfather that Gerald and Co. are still alive. Uncle Grandfather summons a hot dog bun to ensnare him. Rod disappears, and Uncle Grandfather sends the bun to find Gerald and tell him a message. He then calls Brenda, proclaiming that he has news of the utmost importance, and drops some change on the ground. Brenda picks it up, with Uncle Grandfather watching. The tornado turns out to be a friendly, if somewhat unstable, creature named Terry/Twisty. Coiffio, in his spaceship is bathing in his hot tub. He goes on about how he needs his robe to cover his "hot bod", while mispronouncing words. He goes off to talk to Catman, and once again, achieves next to nothing. The Animal King, while arguing with his animal subjects, succeeds in driving right into a ditch. Gerald, while walking along, begins to hear voices in the stump of his severed ear and the scene shifts to Brenda in a dark room, whispering in Japanese, into Gerald's ear. Uncle Grandfather bursts into the room, accompanied by unidentified policemen saying that Brenda has caused the beginning of the Cat-Bun Wars! The last scene shows the armies of each side converging on each other, ready to fight. After the credits, Coiffio plays a tune.

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