Perfect Hair Forever Episode 5 - Tusk


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The ending theme song for this episode is performed by Widespread Panic. Twisty and Norman Douglas get into a knife fight while Gerald and Hotdog go off without them. Gerald runs into Catman and his trailer in the forest and is offered LSD by Rod. Coiffio shows up on an oversized motorcycle whose spokes are made of hot dogs, and challenges Gerald to a race to the death. In exchange for Coiffio agreeing to sell his house to him, and Gerald agreeing to buy Rod's Journey tickets, Rod magically transports the two (along with most of the other characters) to a racetrack, where buns and cats fill the stands, and the Young Man and the giraffe provide the commentary from the booth. Catman releases an alligator onto the track to attack Gerald, but it goes after Coiffio instead. Astronomic Cat lifts the alligator off of Coiffio's bike and onto Gerald's, but Hotdog transforms into a "wienercycle" and saves Gerald by dueling with the gator. Gerald appears to have the advantage when Coiffio's hair falls off, as it is actually a toupee, but he abandons the race when he sees a chance to launch his bike to Tuna Mountain.

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