Plastic Memories Episode 11 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
Rice Omelette Day.
Episode Description:
In the wake of starting their relationship, Tsukasa and Isla have found it difficult to talk to one another without being embarrassed. However, Tsukasa is able to ask Isla out to dinner. At the office, their approving colleagues decide to give them advice on how to appease the other. At Kazuki's suggestion, Isla asks Michiru to help her learn how to cook for Tsukasa. However, upon finding out she doesn't know any of Tsukasa's favorite foods, Isla asks him, only for Constance to suggest that the two of them just cook together. After debating on what to cook for dinner, Tsukasa suggests rice omelettes. Later on, the two travel to Antonio's manor to visit Sarah. There, Tsukasa asks Sarah what would make her happy, and she recites a sentence Isla told her during her last visit, that people are at their happiest when they are with the ones they love. Afterwards, they go to the shopping mall to purchase herbs and pajamas for Isla, after which Tsukasa admits he doesn't know what to do to make her happy. She responds that she is already happy spending time with him. Returning home, the two begin cooking rice omelettes, and although the final product was not what they were expecting, they are able to enjoy it nevertheless. Isla then allows Tsukasa to read her latest diary entries, both of which recount the days she spent with him. When Tsukasa goes to sleep, Isla adds a new entry, in which she expresses her hope that she would be able to spend another wonderful day with him.

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