Rage no Bahamut: Genesis Episode 11 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
All Roads Lead to Abos.
Episode Description:
Belzebuth and Martinet prepare Amira for transportation and blast Kaisar who falls into the depths below. The angel clan attempt to maintain the seal on Bahamut while sensing the presence of the Transcendent Key. Meanwhile, Azazel tells Rita and Bacchus that Belzebuth and Martinet are behind Amira's actions. While protecting the seal the angels are attacked by the demon Jeanne who slays Raphael and Uriel before going after Michael. Kaisar is saved by Bacchus in his flying carriage who is then attacked by Jeanne. While Bacchus fights Jeanne, Rita attempts to administer the last of the antidotes to Jeanne but fails only for Michael to successfully give it to Jeanne, sealed with a kiss after she impales him. Jeanne is freed, turning back into a saint while Michael's physical form disappears. As Belzebuth prepares to destroy the angels protecting Bahamut's barrier, Azazel attacks him seeking revenge. Kaisar duels with the demonic Favaro and shoots him in the chest. Amira emerges from the Transcendent Key's orb, now with angels' wings. With the barrier fallen Bahamut begins to absorb Amira while everyone looks on helplessly. As Kaisar watches in disbelief Lavalley shoves him over the edge of the flying fortress before celebrating as Bahamut awakens.

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