Samurai Warriors Episode 7 English Dubbed


Watch full Samurai Warriors Episode 7 English Dubbed streaming online. Samurai Warriors Episode 7 English dub online for free in HD. Crimson Blade Nobuyuki is made envoy again to the Toyotomi keep, delivering the news of the second Tokugawa shogun and Ieyasu's wishes to meet with Hideyori at Nijo Castle. Well aware of the Toyotomi retainers' anger towards Ieyasu's disrespect, Hideyori formally excuses Nobuyuki to hold private council with his men. While he poses the risk of starting another war to the quick-tempered crowd, Kaihime guides their guest to his quarters. She vouches for her infatuation in Hideyori's puzzling qualities and trust in his wise restraint. Kiyomasa scouts the streets of Edo and reports that the people are happy. Masanori rants that Ieyasu is taking credit for Hideyoshi's vision by taking away the Toyotomi pedestal. Takatora, who had eavesdropped on the duo before, deems them of being dangerously disloyal to the Tokugawa. Before the young men shed blood, Tadakatsu hollers for them to cease their aggressions. He vows to keep quiet about the incident to Ieyasu. Yukimura has been placed under stricter house arrest and is not permitted to have guests at his adobe. Since she is barred from seeing him, Kunoichi spends time with her pet and catches up with a visiting Inahime. The sister-in-law implores for the duo to endure the exile. She has faith that Yukimura will be pardoned once peace is declared, leaving behind gifts with her departure. During the twilight hours, Naomasa barges into the prisoner's hut and declares an ultimatum to Yukimura: to die fighting or to die as a defenseless criminal. Denouncing violence and clinging to his promise to contemplate his life, Yukimura stops Naomasa's spear thrust by catching its blade. The nearby village is suddenly set on fire by Kotarō and his army of clones. Concern for the village overrides samurai pride, as Naomasa and Yukimura hurry to save them. A Kotarō clone smashes at Naomasa's injury during the fighting, making the damage inevitably fatal. He has enough strength to defeat a few clones, hurl Yukimura's spear, and remind Yukimura of his warrior roots before dying. Yukimura and Kunoichi defend the villagers, and the fires are put out by sunrise. Yukimura gains conviction to fight for the ones dear to him; when Kunoichi gives him Mitsunari's memento, he swears to never again turn his back on their pledge of friendship.

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