Samurai Warriors Episode 8 English Dubbed


Watch full Samurai Warriors Episode 8 English Dubbed streaming online. Samurai Warriors Episode 8 English dub online for free in HD. Moment of Truth To protect the villagers and to resume his life as a warrior, Yukimura and Kunoichi escape Kudoyama. Kiyomasa and Masanori desert the Tokugawa to directly support Hideyori. The two parties' destination is Osaka Castle. After receiving a report of Naomasa's death, Ieyasu orders Masamune to kill the two defectors and Takatora to slay Yukimura before they reach it. He forgoes the generals' respective wishes to switch their targets, hoping to stifle their personal pride as warriors. He privately shares with Tadakatsu his plans for the survivors to discard their past means of mayhem to someday focus on a legislation that can foster peace for the future. Hideyori agrees to meet with Ieyasu to gauge his rival's thoughts. Kaihime reminds him of the retainers who are contentious towards the Tokugawa, an opinion that the pacifistic lord has previously perceived and acknowledges. He seeks to avoid war if possible. Nobuyuki departs and is surrounded by bandits at a mountain path. He flees toward the nearby river to defend himself. Before they attack, a lounging Keiji rises and correctly identifies the bandits as Toyotomi retainers in disguise; he outs them by calling attention to their expensive swords. The wild man proceeds to beat one and intimidates the rest to flee. Nobuyuki and Keiji recognize one another and share a friendly chat. Keiji informs Nobuyuki of Yukimura's escape, causing the elder sibling to leave at once on his mount to intercept. Meanwhile, the Date trap Kiyomasa and Masanori. They are saved by Nene and her smoke bombs. Both men apologize to her for their actions, and she happily praises them for finding their paths in life. Simultaneously, Nobuyuki requests to join Takatora's subjugation. Suspecting mercy and sentimentality from him, Takatora declines and has Nobuyuki taken into custody. While Takatora surrounds the Sanada trio, Keiji rides to their assistance and Nobuyuki breaks free from his confinement. Yukimura and company safely escape and are blocked by a lone Nobuyuki. Yukimura explains his renewed convictions to continue fighting for the late Mitsunari's dream and discards his family ties with Nobuyuki. For now on, they are enemies.

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