Sanzoku no Musume Ronja Episode 15 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
Endless Fighting - Part One.
Episode Description:
Time passes and Bumper heals from his wound from the Borkas' arrow. However Mattis is set on retaliating against the Borkas despite Ronja and Lovis' reasoning. Ronja is anxious every time the robbers go out and wonders if all her happy days in the forest are gone. Ronja meets Birk in the forest and the two of them mull over how both their fathers are too stubborn to change and their happy springtime is ruined. Birk points out that the two clans have not been able to kill each other yet thanks to the Sheriff's men swarming the woods but that won't last forever. When Ronja returns home, she is told there is a pleasant surprise only to find that Birk has been captured and beaten by her father. Heartbroken and enraged Ronja screams at her dad he can steal anything he wants except people or else she is no longer his daughter. When Lovis tries to see to Birk's wounds Mattis tells her not to tend to the devil spawn and the two fight. Ronja spends the night crying and hating her dad after he carries the injured Birk away for the evening.

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