Sanzoku no Musume Ronja Episode 16 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
Endless Fighting - Part Two.
Episode Description:
The next morning the Mattis Robbers and Borkas Robbers meet at Hell's Gap, each on their own side. Mattis presents Birk, battered and bruised, before an outraged Undis and grim-faced Borka. Borka understands that Mattis wants them out of the castle but calls the other's actions underhanded and unspeakable. Mattis demands that they leave at once but Borka requests to let him find a safe place to move first by summer's end and promises to go if Birk is returned to him. Mattis tells Borka that is fine and he'll keep Birk until Borka moves out, meaning the boy will be in his possession for months to come. Ronja cannot tolerate the thought of Mattis mistreating Birk further and keeping him in the dismal dungeon until Borka moves out. Much to everyone's shock Ronja jumps across the Gap onto Borka's side in defiance of her father's plans, becoming Borka's leverage for trade to get Birk back immediately. Mattis, overcome with shock and disbelief by Ronja's actions, agrees to return Birk but states that he has no child. Lovis demands Ronja be returned as she has a daughter and that Mattis has lost all sense. As the two children are exchanged Birk calls Ronja his sister and tells his mother Ronja saved his life and Ronja remarks he saved hers as well. Borka and Undis are outraged to learn of the friendship and Birk fights with them, storming off and leaving a tearful Ronja. Meanwhile Mattis is in an almost catatonic state, refusing to eat or speak to anyone.

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