Sanzoku no Musume Ronja Episode 25 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
One Band of Robbers.
Episode Description:
Mattis and Borka face off in the Wild Beast Match to best the other in order to become the united clans' chief. The two proceed to wrestle and grabble one another, managing to out do the other only to lose the upper hand repeatedly. The two chiefs batter one another until they're black and blue, using petty means such as punching, pulling ears and biting. Borka seems to be winning, nearly knocking Mattis unconscious but when the fight continues Mattis is able to subdue Borka, winning. Mattis allows Borka to retain his chieftain title and to lead his own men but calls him his brother and to remember Mattis is the mightiest chieftain. Borka agrees to the terms and the two clans are formally united and celebrate together well into the night at Mattis' fort. Mattis tells Borka not to worry as Birk will be the next chief since Ronja doesn't want to be a robber. Birk then makes a formal declaration he will never be a robber, shocking his father. That night Noddle-Pete tells Ronja he is happy to hear she nor Birk want to be robbers and tells her a secret.

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