Seis Manos Episode 3 Night of the Wolves


Watch full Seis Manos Episode 3 online full HD online. Cartoon video Seis Manos Episode 3 online for free in HD. Night of the Wolves. Garcia and Brister seek Folk Healer Mama Garabina for answers, and using magic she sees El Balde. Garabina grants them protective totems to continue their investigation, and Brister and Garcia relate over their respective similarities. Later, Garabina has visions of El Balde: the boy Baldemar, who loved his mother, but imprisoned her dying self in the statue of Santa Nucifera. With their home destroyed, Isabella asks Padre Serrano to examine a demonic finger they found, but it destroys itself. Serrano invites the trio to stay the night, but Jésus later discovers Serrano is cartel, and believing he killed Chiu he tells his siblings. The trio confront Serrano; Brister is hit by a stray shot, but is saved by the totem he received. As Silencio corners Serrano, Isabella tries calming him, but Silencio still kills Serrano, fleeing from Garcia and Brister.

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