Seis Manos Episode 4 Caged Dogs


Watch full Seis Manos Episode 4 online full HD online. Cartoon video Seis Manos Episode 4 online for free in HD. Caged Dogs. In jail, Jésus blames Isabela for their circumstance, while Garcia calls Lina about Silencio, who asks she run away with him. But Lina admits to dealing for Serrano, so a hurt Silencio races back to help his siblings. After Balde is informed of Serrano's death, he lures out Silencio by targeting his siblings. As Garcia, Brister, Isabela and Jésus work together, Balde gives Powder to two stray dogs to attack the precinct. While the group is surviving, town drunk Piojo defeats one of the dogs using a technique Jésus taught him. The other dog recognizes Isabela from when she fed him, so they repeat Piojo's method to revert the other dog. Upon exiting, Silencio had killed all the snipers, but Balde arrives and kills Piojo while thanking the trio for killing Serrano. Realizing Balde killed Chiu, Silencio savagely attacks with minimal damage against the powered Balde, who recognizes Silencio; distracting him long enough for Lina to run him into a building. As Balde regenerates, Garcia brings her car to evacuate them to safety.

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