Shin Koihime Musou Episode 10 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
Koumei wishes for a younger sister.
Episode Description:
The Chou sisters continue to use Taihei Youjutsu to gain what goods they want with Ukitsu secretly watches over them. Ryūbi feeds Kan'u food, that makes her embarrassing, and Chōhi gets jealous because Kan'u doesn't do that to her. Seeing that makes Koumei remembers about the past, about her elder and younger sisters. The party pasts by Koumei's home city and Chouun gets lost again. Arriving Suikyou's house, a girl with witch outfit opens the gate and runs to the home because they wield weapons. Suikyou introduces the timid girl, Houtou, to the party. Ryūbi says Koumei and Suikyou make a good family that makes Houtou a bit jealous. Suikyou arranges the bedrooms for the party, but Houtou doesn't want to take the same room with Koumei. The day after, Houtou wants Suikyou to go picking up herbs as she has promised but she can't go, and Koumei suggests she will go in Suikyou's place. Houtou silently goes with her, but she doesn't seem a bit interest. She gets angry at Koumei and runs away, telling her she doesn't want them to be friends. Houtou falls into a hole in the old bridge, merely catches the bridge's rope. Koumei, despite her scare, manages to go to Houtou's place and helps her up. Their relationship gets better and Houtou says goodbye to Koumei with promise she will visit her someday. The Chou sisters' performance is thwarted by government's soldiers. When the official further tries to harass them sexually, Chouhou gets angry and commands her audience to get the soldiers.

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