Shin Koihime Musou Episode 11 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
Bachou tries to hold it in.
Episode Description:
The Chou sisters' inn gets destroyed due to the attack of Chouhou's audience. The audience does too much and that makes the Chou sisters fugitives. They decide to get more and more supporters so the army can't touch them anymore. Bachou's cousin, Batai arrives to Touka village and plays a trick on Bachou. Bachou gets angry and wants her to go back to Seiryou, but Kouchuu calms her down and she forgives Batai. They have strict exercises in the morning. Batai gets exhausted many times but Bachou doesn't have her stop. In retaliation, Batai makes a bet with Bachou that she can't help wetting herself and makes her drink a lot of water and hold it until the dinner. Bachou uses many methods to hold it in, and she ends up with releasing "it" in the river. Ryūbi's party comes back, and the fishes Kouchuu uses for dinner is from "that" river, much to Bachou's horror and sudden loss of appetite. After the dinner, Koumei holds a meeting about Sousou inviting them to join her army to wipe out the Yellow Turbans led by the Chou sisters. Later, Kan'u, Ryūbi, Chōhi and Koumei depart for battles, leaving Touka village to Kouchuu, Bachou and Batai. In the main camp, Sousou and Kan'u talk about the flag of Ryūbi's army. They meet Enjutsu and Choukun again. Sousou gets troubled because the number of Yellow Turban's army gets bigger and bigger, and Ten-i reports to her that Kada wants to meet her again.

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