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Episode Title:
Ten'i is tested by Sousou.
Episode Description:
Kan'u returns to the inn that her party stays in and tells them about Kakuka's and Teiiku's employment. Kan'u is worried about Kada's safety after he angers Sousou (he merely manages to escape Kakouton). In the Chou sisters' performance, they have got another quarrel, this time Chouhou manages to use magic to calm down the audience. This magic effects to all people that are enchanted to the sisters. Ryūbi's party enjoy their meal at a restaurant with common yet specially delicious dishes and the chef, introducing herself Ten-i, offers them to taste her chicken manjūs. That evening, Kakouen invites Ryūbi's party to Sousou's gourmet. The day of the gourmet, Ryūbi's party and Sousou's subordinates are waiting for her cooking. Juniku is filled with her head about Sousou as usual. The guests eat Sousou's delicious cooking and enjoy it very much (except Chōhi because she can't full her stomach with it). Chōhi compliments about how good Ten-i's food is and Sousou orders Kakouton to bring her there. Ten-i cooks manjūs with combination of three dishes Ryūbi's party ate in her restaurants twice. Sousou admits her defeat, because she thinks she has not fulfilled her role as the hostess there for not thinking about Kan'u's preference. Ryūbi offers Sousou had tried her best for Kan'u's glory, and it's unnecessary to decide who wins and who loses in cooking. Sousou smiles and accepts that. An ox prepared for cooking escapes and attacks Ten-i, only to find out her massive power to throw it far away. Ten-i is suggested to join Sousou's bodyguards and she says she will decide it later. The Chou sisters get tons of jūmankin manjūs caused of Chouhou's mistake, only to find out how incredible the power Taihei Youjutsu is.

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